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Imagine yourself transforming people's lives for the better. Know that you can wake up every day excited to go to work! Visualize yourself living the life of your dreams with a satisfying and gratifying career in therapy. Through our online hypnotherapy training, you can change lives in a real and lasting way, starting with your own. Check out our online courses!



Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective, alternative form of healing. Hypnotherapists help their patients bypass the thinking mind and connect to their subconscious while the body is completely relaxed. By understanding how memories and emotions are connected, patients learn where their behaviors are coming from and how to control them. Hypnotherapy also helps people recognize when they are holding on to harmful or inaccurate memories. It is recognized by the American Medical and Dental Associations as a results-oriented therapy that helps with a wide range of issues. It has also been shown to produce 76% positive results when helping people overcome their addictions or suicidal tendencies.

Hypnosis vs. Other Techniques?


38% success rate in 500 sessions

Behavioral Therapy

72% success rate in 22 sessions


93% success rate in 6 sessions

Psychotherapy Magazine: Volume 7, Number 1, Alfred A. Barrios, PhD

What Can Hypnotherapy Do?

Hypnotherapy can address many conditions including:

  • Post-traumatic Stress
  • Panic Attacks
  • OCD
  • Dependency
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sleeping Conditions

Hypnotherapy can address many distresses:

  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Grief
  • Guilt

Hypnotherapy can improve areas of your life, including:

  • Learning & Memory
  • Weight Management
  • Sports Performance
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Personal Development
  • Intimacy
  • Age Regression
  • Self-Image
  • Concentration
Jennifer Anderson, CHt Inner Wellness Hypnotherapy, LLC.

"I started as a hypnotherapy client, and the sessions changed my life. Hypnotherapy completely shifted my thinking, perceptions, and view on life, and I wanted to be a part of that journey for others. I made the decision to become a student with the Hypnotherapy Professional College. Initially, I struggled with self-doubt and questioned my ability to successfully progress through the program. With the constant support and guidance from my instructors, Sheila and Walt, my doubts soon faded. Not only did I love the curriculum and coursework, but I was also surprised to find how much I enjoyed learning from such fantastic teachers! I now have a full-time practice in Montana specializing in root cause work for people of all ages, and I especially love working with families. I am proud to say that I am a certified hypnotherapist registered with the IMDHA, and I have the Hypnotherapy Professional College to thank for my success! Whether you are seeking personal enrichment or a new career path, HPC is the clear choice for dynamic coursework, expertly trained instructors, and a quality experience!"

What You Get From This Course

Empowerment & Confidence

Feel empowered and confident knowing you have the skills to heal yourself and others. Watch your success skyrocket as your clients achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Flexible Learning From Home

Learn completely at your own pace from anywhere in the world. All course content is accessible online with mentorship available by video or audio calls.

Transform Lives

Use powerful techniques to reframe core beliefs, habits, and emotions, leading to extraordinary, permanent relief from physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

Experienced Coaching and Mentorship

Learn from Sheila and Walt, who are readily accessible and available to help guide you along your path. They will empower you to reach your goals with specialized support and encouragement.

Be a Certified Professional

Earn an HPC certification and confidently display to your clients that you have the knowledge and authoritative backing of an internationally recognized program.

A Practice with No Experience Required

Master the art and science of hypnotherapy and learn how to launch your own successful practice. No prior experience is required!

Learn how to release resistance in our FREE online training. Resistance is the subconscious emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that manifest into the stories we tell ourselves.

Learn how to get started helping yourself and others through the power of hypnotherapy. Check out our free video training now!


High Standards

HPC is recognized by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), which recognizes schools with the highest standards of integrity. Our curriculum has also been approved by the RTI and CPH.


HPC equips students with the competence to become professionally certified master hypnotherapists. HPC students have confidence in their education and go on to have amazing careers in hypnotherapy.


HPC provides bi-weekly live course overviews to ensure students understand class materials and expectations. HPC students never get stuck or fall behind.


HPC allows students to work wherever and whenever they please. Learn our effective courses from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere with internet access.

A Personal Touch

HPC has one-on-one coaching available. Instructors personally help students reach their goal of becoming an accredited hypnotherapist.

Excellent Features

HPC offers special resources for students who want to continue their education, including workshops and courses on everything from basic counseling and basic NLP to clinical hypnotherapy and business-to-business classes.


HPC is recognized by the Better Business Bureau, which has awarded it an A rating. It is an accredited college for online studies of Hypnotherapy throughout the USA.


HPC students who have completed their online certification program are able to participate in online practicums across the country. These allow students to practice hypnotherapy and keep up to date with other HPC alumni.


Sheila Nielson B.A., CCHT

Hypnotherapist/Behavioral Therapist/Instructor for Hypnotherapy Professional College

Phone: 406-283-1839

In 1986, Sheila broke her neck and back in a car accident and was told she would never walk again. The next year, she was introduced to hypnotherapy--the experience changed both her outlook and the direction of her life. Sheila was able to use hypnotherapy, biofeedback therapy, and other alternative medical practices to make a miraculous and full recovery.

Sheila has been an executive and business owner for 27 years. She was also a successful brand development manager for companies such as Guess, Harley Davidson, Fletcher's Fine Foods, and many others. She was the founder and consultant for Divorce Consultants, where she helped keep families out of court by providing counseling for divorce disputes and custody arrangements.

Currently, Sheila is a co-owner of the Hypnotherapy Professional College (HPC) with her partner, Walter. Both are internationally clinically certified hypnotherapists with practices in Kalispell and Eureka, Montana. Together, they have created several personal development workshops, which teach people to let go of their emotional baggage and improve their lives by looking inward. Sheila and Walter also offer workshops to help people become calmer, happier, and more satisfied with their lives, jobs, and families. These very popular personal development workshops are offered on HPC’s site as part of its online learning program. Current workshops include, but aren’t limited to, the following: Self-Talk and How to Reframe It, Theory of the Mind, Vicious Circle of our Behaviors, Releasing Judgement, and Understanding the 5 Love Languages. They also offer special post-workshop intensive sessions in Austin, Texas.

Sheila wants everyone to be able to access information regardless of their current level of learning. She believes that many people have the interest to learn, but simply do not know where to begin. Keeping that in mind, HPC’s program has been designed for everyone, no matter their age or education level. It is a fun, affordable way to shift consciousness and build a foundation of learning for personal and professional development--and beyond!

Walter Ernst, CCHT

Hypnotherapist/Behavioral Therapist

Phone: 406-334-0646

Walter has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur in construction and real estate. He also has over 30 years of experience practicing meditation and several other art forms, most notably martial arts. Walter is a kung fu master and an experienced martial arts instructor and competitor. He has dedicated most of his life to teaching others to control their emotions and is particularly skilled at helping people find ways to deal with their negative emotions and behaviors.

Walter has been a dedicated volunteer for the last 25 years and is passionate about helping the youth in his community. His youth outreach and volunteer work include hockey coaching, instructing kung fu, advising youth on their personal development, and providing divorce counseling. Walter has a communication style that allows him to connect with teens of all backgrounds and an exceptional understanding of teens who are at risk due to anger, depression, and being overactive. Walter utilizes his professional training and alternative methods of mentoring to help teens control their behaviors through meditation, kung fu, tai chi, and hypnotherapy.

Walter is a co-owner and one of the instructors of the Hypnotherapy Professional College. He is excited to introduce this new educational site that will help people enrich and improve their lives and find fulfillment in their careers. He looks forward to helping people learn to use better methods of reaction and leave their painful memories in the past. He specializes in helping teens, athletes, divorcees, and men with behavioral issues.

What People Are Saying

  • Mary Collins

    "I have just started the with Hypnotherapy Professional College, but I have taken all the personal development courses both online and in person with Walter and Sheila. These courses and instruction have been life-saving. So much so, I decided to take the hypnotherapy certification course, so that I can further deepen my understanding and life skills, as well as help my friends and family with hypnotherapy. My goal is one day to pursue a career in this field, it changed my life for the better so much so that I wanted to learn more about the results this therapy has lead me to experience in my life. The school is very well organized. The one-on-one coaching is invaluable, both Sheila and Walt are readily accessible and easy to get ahold of in a short period of time, if not immediately. They always give me different ways to look at what I am studying and learning. The videos are easy to follow, the work book is fantastic, and I can see where all the course materials and resources will help me continue to learn, well after I have become a Master Hypnotherapist. I highly recommend this course."

  • B. Pullen

    "I have been a contactor most of my life, always wanting to get into the mental health field but the opportunity never arose. I was referred to HPC thru a friend, I took the personal development courses and loved the information. I then signed up for the Masters program, I love the school, the information, quizzes and the books are fantastic. The format of learning with HPC is well organized, easy to understand, there are videos where you follow along with you course manual, quizzes and reading material is both informative and interesting. The one on one coaches are always available to help me to put things in perspective and they help me to understand things that move me through the course. I am still a student just finishing up the Masters program and I am loving every minute."

  • J. Anderson

    "I was a client with PWR and the sessions changed my life. After I had finished my sessions and my life was completely changed for the better, I decided that I wanted to help transform peoples’ lives and their perceptions as mine were changed. I then became a student of Hypnotherapy Professional College, I was concerned if I could do it; With the constant coaching and support of my instructor I took the basic course and excelled, I loved all the information, the books and the exercises. I then proceeded to take the complete course of Advanced and Masters and I now have a full practice in Montana with my own clients specializing in children and their parents. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to become a hypnotherapist or who just wants the knowledge and tools that you need to help yourself or help others in a holistic natural way that has fantastic results. HPC is easy to use and understand, with videos to watch and follow along with a manual, quizzes and the one on one coaching I don’t know if there would be a better course available. I am now a certified Master Hypnotherapist registered with the IMDHA, thank you HPC."